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Working with an MRINetwork Recruiter
Posting your resume to a public job board can be risky. You never know where your resume will show up - or who will stumble onto it . . .

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Career Planning
Before you take your next career step . . . [Read Article]

Interviewing Techniques
Before you walk into any interview . . . [Read Article]

Resumes: The Right Way to Present Yourself
If you'd like to give your resume more bang for the buck, read on. . . [Read Article]

Ten Reasons for Not Accepting a Counter Offer
What type of company do you work for if you have to threaten to resign before they give you what you are worth? . . . [Read Article]


Most employers like to see job stability in candidates, and job-hopping could put your abilities and your judgment in a negative light.

You should look to stay at least two years, but remember: The longer you stay, the more marketable you will be.


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Best in Class - Finalist


"The understanding, honesty and integrity that you bring to the table lets me know that I can rely on you as an equal partner to provide the best solution to any challenge I give you. To me, you exemplify the standards by which premium executive recruiting is conducted." Vice President of Business Development

"You quickly and efficiently respond to our needs." COO/Clinical Administrative Services

"You have an uncanny ability to identify and attract the type of professionals we need to become an industry leader." Chief Executive Officer

"I wouldn't hesitate to have you do all of my hiring." Vice President of Operations

"The quality of candidates that you bring to the table is far superior than that of the average recruiter." Regional Director of Sales

"You are the most professional, personable, determined and straight-forward recruiter with whom I have worked!" Regional Sales Rep

"You have been responsive to our hiring needs. You've done an outstanding job of listening to the job requirements for each opening and seeking only the best candidates for the positions." Office Manager

"I really appreciated your input on my resume and interviewing skills. It is rare to find a recruiter that will take the time to discuss these points with a candidate. Thank you!" Human Resources Professional

"I just wanted to say Thank You for all you've done to help me get the position.
I'm so very excited about it and this has just opened up a new world for me. Thank you."

"You are obviously experienced within the industry and have been doing this for a while. The message you left was compelling enough for me to call you back, and I never call recruiters back."

"Thank you for giving me an opportunity to prove myself in this job. I will definitely refer people to you."

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